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Who were the two happiest men in the world on November 2, 1976?

Unfortunately we do not have a prize for the correct answer, so we will just tell you - Jimmy Carter and Paul Jaszy.

All of you know Mr. Carter became President of the United States on that day, but not all of you know that Mr. Paul Jaszy on November 2, 1976 in Vienna, Austria got a letter from the U.S. Embassy stating that he received political asylum and after the required medical, criminal and other necessary examinations he could fly straight to his new country, The United States of America.

And now, we can start our home page.

More than thirty years ago with a TWA flight from Austria, a Hungarian political refugee arrived in New York’s JFK airport. On the second day, Paul Jaszy, with an Engineering degree in his hand, got a job as a bricklayer’s helper at a construction site on East 65th Street in Manhattan. Speaking German, Polish, Hungarian and some Spanish he was able to work, but every night he went to school to learn English with the hope that with hard work “life would be better”.

He remembers the first week he collected his $120.00 paycheck and went straight to the Second Avenue Chemical Bank where he deposited $40.00 of it in his newly opened savings account.

Today Jaszy Rolls Royce Limousines, Inc. owns eight 1930’s Rolls Royce’s, one 1958 Bentley one 1931 Pierce Arrow, real estate in South Carolina and New York City and a fully equipped antique car restoration shop, where all repairs are done by highly professional mechanics.

Success story? Not at all.....said Paul, just hard work, saving money and investing the correct way. America is still the best country in the world and New York is the best City in America.

Paul’s interest in old English cars goes back to his childhood in Budapest where he spent a lot of time in front of different hotels to get a look at all those beautiful Jaguar E types, Bentley’s and Rolls Royce’s. He never forgot when the Emperor of Ethiopia visited the country and on Margarita Island Paul touched his Rolls Royce and the police chased him away when he said to them, “I don’t want to steal it, I just love it”.

Well these old 1930’s classic vehicles are totally different from today’s cars. They are “show cars” with side mounted spare wheels, giant fenders, bumpers, dashboard, running board, big chrome headlights, spacious and sumptuous interiors, (ideal for the bride) and a small Oriental rug, perfect for the flat floor. No wonder traffic stops for us when we go by.

However, the glory did not come easy. In the 1930’s for the price of a new Phantom you could by five one family houses in London. They were very expensive. As I said, everyone loves these cars, and all limousine companies wish to have them, but, financially it may be better for them to have just stretch limousines.

The restoration project is very long and costly. Our 1937 Phantom took about five years to complete and, constantly needs professional maintenance. We love what we are doing, primarily this is our hobby first, then business. It requires hard, physical labor and technical skills. We will continue to put our knowledge and energy into serving our customers.

Because of the unique fleet and the highly requested usage of the antique cars, we not only restore, but we also rent cars to the public. Our number “1” customers are those beautiful brides; they want their wedding day to be forever memorable. Not only is every photographer taking pictures of the wedding couple and the car, but also the guests want to take photographs of the bride and groom, and the beautiful Rolls Royce.

Our specialty is weddings – we can serve you anywhere. The cars are reliable and professionally staffed to insure an unforgettable experience and we believe you deserve the very best on this memorable occasion. Our loyal staff creates a very friendly atmosphere exuding enthusiasm and the utmost professionalism. We want to insure that your wedding is fun with an air of sophistication and elegance while being escorted in a beautiful classic limousine - “I will take care of you like I did my own daughter” says Paul.

The fleet is also used for transporting celebrities, professional sportsmen and renting them for movies. These classic vehicles are maintained in our own repair shop and are very reliable. They are equipped with hidden CD player, sound system and heating/air conditioning. If you like, you can smoke in our 1930 Rolls Royce convertible (top down). We do not think anybody can offer this. Proudly saying we are the number one classic Rolls Royce company in the eastern United States.

We have hundreds of very happy and satisfied customers and they have always appreciated our services, not only that we are the bride’s transportation, but also that we are part of their wedding. Our cars and business is fully insured, and we are prepared for any unexpected situations.

We are associated with the best limousine companies in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. You can see our cars on their websites and reserve through them, but our highly trained tuxedoed chauffeurs will be your driver. They have many years of experience, and it is always a pleasure to serve you.

We are available for all types of affairs, including weddings, sweet sixteen’s, proms, anniversary dinners, trips to Atlantic City or to a show on Broadway.

All of our classic cars are one of a kind so we recommend you make reservations as soon as possible and we hope to see you on your special day.

Classic Car Restoration (Repair Shop)

Our shop is presently running with a very tight schedule so please call for an appointment.

We do woodwork, interior work, upholstering. We install air conditioning systems in your antique car and perform all electrical and mechanical repairs.

Every restoration job is different so in order to achieve the highest quality of work, we must see the actual project.

We buy and sell antique cars, see our inventory.

We also deal with the overseas market and are able to ship cars anywhere in the world.