1937 Rolls Royce Phantom
Coachbuilder: THRUPP & MABERLY, LTD.

In 1858 George Thrupp and George Maberly joined forces and became one of the top coachbuilding firms. Thrupp Coachbuilding had already been established for 100 years building elegantly styled carriages.

With the coming of the motor car, Thrupp and Maberly combined their traditional skills and motor engineering skills which produced some of the earliest motor cars in England.

In 1924 the company moved from Central London to Cricklewood and concentrated on coachbuilding for Rolls Royce and other large chassis.

In 1929 the company built the body for Sir Henry Segrave’s Golden Arrow which set the world speed record at 231 mph. The company was forced to move their factory several times and after World War II they became part of the Rootes Group.

In March 1967 Chrysler Corporation acquired control of Rootes Group and Thrupp & Maberly ceased to operate in August of that year and finally being closed up in 1968.

Our 1937 Phantom is fully restored with air conditioning and heat with a hidden stereo system and CD player. Exterior color is Snow Pearl White, the interior wood is Carpathian burl, the rear door panels are covered with English tapestry and burgundy carpeting on the floor ..”the car is one of a kind”.

1930 Rolls Royce Open Tourer
(today it is called a convertible) Coachbuilder: BARKER.

The House of Barker was established in 1710 by Queen Anne’s officers of the Guards. They organized and selected top craftsmen and they built carriages and coaches for George III and Queen Victoria.

Their carriages and coaches were so elegant that in 1905, C.S. Rolls & Co, issued a statement that the “Rolls Royce” cars would be fitted with Barker’s bodies. Barker’s bodies were lavish and they became leading specialists in coachwork on the Rolls Royce chassis.

However, with the decline in demand and rise in operating costs for specialized bodies Barker went into liquidation in 1938 and at that time the rising Hooper coachbuilding firm took over the company.

Our 1930 Rolls Royce is fully restored and in excellent condition. It is equipped with air conditioning, heating, and stereo system with CD player. The wood interior is Birdseye Maple; upholstery is cream leather with burgundy piping; the floor is covered with burgundy carpeting; outside color is Snow Pearl White and all headlights and bumpers were re-chromed.

1933 Touring Limousine
Coachbuilder: HOOPER

Hooper was founded in 1805. Their considerable reputation was founded on royal patronage. With a hundred years’ experience of coachbuilding, Hoopers adapted themselves to the motor age.

In 1904 Hoopers & Co., Ltd. had an established showroom at the top of James Street in London and their clients included the Emperor or Japan, the King of Egypt, the Swedish Royal Family and the Shah of Persia.

They continued building up until World War II when the firm was taken over by B.S.A. After the war Hoopers continued coachbuilding and they exhibited three new models at the 1959 Motor Show. Soon after that they stopped coachwork for “royal and distinguished patrons”.

Our 1933 Touring Limousine is fully restored with air conditioning and heat. It has a stereo system with CD Player. The exterior color is Snow Pearl White; interior wood is Brazilian Rosewood, upholstery ivory leather; floor covering is burgundy carpet and the door panels are hand painted images of two ladies of the Royal Family. All hardware, headlights, handles and bumpers are re-chromed.